“Kraig Krempa is a highly sought-after keynote speaker and executive coach, best known for his dynamic TED Talks and the life-changing impact he’s had on individuals and audiences worldwide.”

Time Magazine, July 20, 2025 (probably)

Until then…

Having personally endured countless boring lectures, painful presentations and hideous slideshows, Kraig is determined to end the plague of ineffective communication skills worldwide.

As a stereotypical high school underachiever, Kraig was once voted “Most Likely Not to Be Voted for Anything.” From there he went on to drop out of college and pursue a career in watching life pass him by.

Inspired by a dream he had while sleeping on a friend’s couch, Kraig wisely decided to join the military—a decision that quite literally changed his life and set him on the path toward the total annihilation of lousy speakers across America and around the world.

Kraig has served in multiple communication roles in his professional career, including, but not limited to, a military technical instructor and international keynote speaker (true story); aerospace project engineer and team leader; executive director of strategy; teacher of timeless wisdom; and, most recently, a communication strategist, executive coach and seminar speaker.

Along the way he picked up a couple of college degrees and a lifetime of experiences that he uses to make peoples’ lives better. His motto is: “There are no boring topics; there are only boring speakers. Together, we can end the suffering.”

Kraig's 2025 TED Talk