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  1. Our Company chose to bring Kraig into the office for an Educational Session on Public Speaking…turns out that we could not have picked a better person! He is charismatic and informative. His visual aids are inspiring and really push the presentation to the next level. I believe that everyone in the room was able to take away something that will help them in their Professional Careers, as well as in their Personal Life…I know that I did! Thanks Kraig! We looking forward to seeing you again!

  2. The 1st time I saw & heard Kraig speak was at a luncheon. He only spoke for about 10-15 minutes, but from the moment he said Good Afternoon, he had the entire crowd of 100+ on the edge of their seat. We were fortunate this year to schedule him to speak directly to our employees within our office. The information he provides is not just powerful & motivating, it is real and something that anyone can do with practice. Knowledgeable, experienced and talented. One of the best statements he made and I also truly believe is…“There are no boring subjects, only boring teachers.” Go ahead and make your appointment. You will never regret it.

  3. Kraig starts with the end in mind and creates compelling pathways for hearers to traverse, guiding them along the way toward effective outcomes. Sure, he’s a gifted communicator; many are. Yet it’s rare to find a strategic communicator who weaves artistic expressions, narratives, and technology into a seamless tapestry wherein hearers find themselves beyond entertained and actually enmeshed in the experience. Kraig knows how to transfer this ability to other communicators.

  4. Kraig’s teaching on communication and presentation skills is captivating, informative and well designed. His ability to reveal simple truths in a memorable way makes the conference worth anyone’s time.

  5. I recently attended a 3 hr public speaking seminar and I learned more on how to communicate EFFECTIVELY compared to many other training sessions over the course of 12 years . Hands down, this seminar has changed my entire philosophy on what I ever believed about public speaking. He teaches in a way to connect with your audience instead of just being a talking head where everyone tunes out. I highly recommend ANY exposure to Kraig’s teachings and seminars because it will show you how to be a GREAT speaker no matter what stage of life or career you are in. Everyone has something to say and Kraig teaches you how to actually be heard.

  6. The Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Workshop yesterday was phenomenal! The “7 Seconds” statement is right on! I work as a Case Manager at a local acute care facility and have approximately 2-5 minutes in each room to encourage patients to change unhealthy behaviors, sign up for additional assistance after they leave the facility, or to ensure that they understand and have the necessary information to walk out their discharge plan so they don’t wind up back in the hospital with a complication or an exacerbation of a chronic medical condition. I loved the sections on “Context is King”, “7 Qualities of Amazing Stage Presence” and “Rules for a Strong Introduction”. Thank you for all the information, your time, and your passion for teaching communication strategies!

  7. I attended a seminar by Kraig this past weekend. I can sum up the seminar with one word: “Awesome!” His teaching took a boring subject like communication and turned it into a very well-done presentation filled with brilliant insights, laughter, and passion. A big “Thank-You” to this man for an outstanding seminar. The evening after the seminar, I was already working on my presentations to ensure they followed the principles laid out by Kraig.

  8. Kraig has always been one of my favorite speakers and people. I believe that he hit it on the head when he said, “There are no boring subjects, only boring teachers.” I say this because I have sat glued to his words then later thought… “had that been me, I could’ve never presented that material that well!” His use of visual aids, point of view and humor make him a class act worth paying attention to. Do yourself a favor and sign up for his siminar!

  9. Kraig Krempa understands the art of communication. He is innovative, yet he embraces principles that allow him to effectively lead others. Kraig will bring a level of professionalism to your organization with his teaching, coaching, mentoring and speaking. I highly recommend Kraig, who will add value and influence to your company.

  10. Kraig is one of the most gifted communicators I have ever listened to. His ability to connect with an audience as well as connect the audience to the topic is is absolutely on point. He is intelligent, articulate as well as humorous, his ability to take any subject and bring it to life is uncanny. Whether he is teaching in a small group, large auditorium setting or with a team or individual in a coaching/mentoring capacity his ability to draw the best out in people is evident.

  11. Kraig Krempa is in the top 1% of all speakers I have listened to in my 62 years of life. I am a retired senior Air Force officer with 30 years of experience and have had the pleasure of listening to great generals, commanders, politicians, and those in the senior levels of government. Kraig has them beat with his outstanding ability to define a theme, stay on target, be humorous, and yet get across ideas that are both practical and beneficial to one’s life. I also hold a Doctorate degree and two Master degrees and have set under outstanding professors, deans of schools, and various unique academic experts. Kraig is among the best of those capable of ensuring an idea is presented in a way that the practical minded laymen and the theoretical minded person will understand and glean wisdom. Kraig’s intelligence is absolutely excellent with an uncanny ability to bring in multiple facets of a subject and form each piece together into a coherent system. Finally, he is a true servant-leader in the tradition of Robert K. Greenleaf. His purpose is to help people be better so as to make the community better. He practices what he teaches and says what he means. He is a friend, mentor, and first class scholar. He cares, he communicates, and he collaborates in such a way that he truly makes a difference in both lives and institutions. If you desire to truly “raise the bar” in your life than take some time and listen to this man.

  12. I have been enjoying Kraig’s teachings for several years now and I have always been inspired and he has impacted my life more than he will ever know. Thank you for what you do.

  13. Kraig is a talented speaker! I have had the pleasure of listening to him for over 2 years. He knows how to prepare and present a message that is not only powerful and relavent, it also is entertaining and well thought out. I have learned so much from his in depth teachings, because he made them applicable to my life.

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